“To July 2018, in eleven years of trading, the Grichan Partnership has filled 97% of its assignments from first-presented shortlist”

“The Grichan Partnership operates on a totally different level…” M.C., January 2019


The Grichan Partnership

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The Grichan Partnership

Specialist Executive Search and Business Consulting


The Grichan Partnership

Executive Search and Consulting

Grichan Partnership was founded in 2007, initially to specialise only in senior recruitment, and this remains ‘half’ of our dual service.  We source directors and managers who are hand-picked from our network of global contacts or as a result of focused research. We strive to understand our clients’ businesses and strategic goals, to ensure that we recommend the best available candidates and, unlike most search firms, we have ISO9001 accredited systems and processes which are designed to recruit the right person in as little as four weeks.

We recruit exceptional people for support services, consulting, high-technology, defence, aerospace, security and communications sectors. We have developed trusted relationships with some of the biggest companies around the globe and are proud to serve businesses ranging from regional SMEs to FTSE 100 companies.

Since 2009 Grichan Partnership has offered a consulting service to businesses of every size.  This arm is staffed by seasoned operational and commercial experts who have not only successfully run £MM projects across a variety of sectors but also had to surmount significant business challenges.  We support the growth objectives of our clients at both a strategic and tactical level by the application of expertise that has been forged in real scenarios.  Our consultancy service is designed to be interim and strictly task-specific and not to draw clients into a dependent relationship of indefinite duration.