The Grichan Partnership

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Business Consulting

Expert guidance on bid support, contract mobilisation, development, business growth and cyber security

The Grichan Partnership has assisted some of the largest companies in the UK in securing major contracts. We offer end-to-end support in the tendering process; from initial advice on the feasibility and scope of the bid, through the supply of technical/legal experts and bid writers, to full oversight of the final submission and the response to any supplementary questions.

Our consultancy service is designed to be interim and strictly task-specific and not to draw clients into a dependent relationship of indefinite duration.

There are many reasons why companies might find themselves temporarily in need of particular skills and experience, for example when a firm has succeeded in securing a complex contract we can provide specialists in contract mobilisation; operational experts who can ensure business momentum is maintained in the transition phase and that you ‘hit the ground running’.  We have a network of seasoned operational managers who can assist with such short-term resource gaps.

Finite projects, on the other hand, are best assisted consultatively by analytically-minded executives who have ‘been there and done it’.  There is a wealth of consultative advice in the market, some of it at eye-wateringly high cost from people in the first third of their career.  The Grichan Partnership has access to the kind of consultants you would want on board – the senior executives who have encountered numerous business hurdles, who can anticipate your problems and help you minimise or avoid them altogether.

Our consulting business also covers cybersecurity – both for companies that seek to ensure that they do not have systemic vulnerabilities and those that possess cyber expertise in-house but need assistance in understanding the market and exploiting its opportunities.

We offer market-mapping, competitor analysis and pipeline qualification and can provide expert interim staff to develop propositions and take them to market.